Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush's Hypocrisy

September 30, 2004

Bush and company have bashed Kerry over his inability to pick one side of an issue, magnifying the fact that he voted for the war with Iraq but against funding it.

Poor Kerry is stuck with the politician's nightmare: trying to prove that he doesn't change his stance in response to voter opinion. So this week I'm turning the floodlight of Mr. Bush's own accusations back on him to show how his administration has not needed to flip-flop; the gulf between his words and actions widens every day as stated policies give way to partisan goals.

I speak, of course, of North Korea, the country the Bush administration wishes would stop screaming. Through three years of outlining and rabidly defending a policy of preemptive counter-terrorism, the administration has gone so far as to defend the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that Iraqi scientists knew how to build a nuke and could have passed on the information to terrorists. The Bush regime has quietly and persistently ignored the nuclear development of North Korea. This rogue nation, which Bush included in the so-called "axis of evil," now has the capability and the materials (in addition to simply the knowledge, which is available in the Q section of Watson Library) to construct nuclear weapons. At the time we went to war with Iraq, North Korean ambassadors had actually admitted to the assistant secretary of state that they had a uranium-enrichment program capable of producing six nukes in six months, and National Intelligence Estimate said that "Iraq probably would not be able to make a weapon until 2007 to 2009."

So why did we bomb Baghdad instead of Pyongyang? That's the fun part, boys and girls! You see, North Korea told us of the uranium-enrichment program on October 4, 2002, about a week before Congress voted on the Iraq resolution. The Democrats weren't given this particular piece of intelligence, though, until October 17, far too late to change any votes for war. Even the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who should certainly know about such activity immediately, learned of the news only two hours before the press did.

In this context, John Kerry's later vote on funding is even vaguely defensible, though still politically stupid. Watch the debates tonight. They'll be pre-digested, well-rehearsed, politely-mediated question-and-BS sessions, but watch anyway, and remember: your government lies to you, America, and they play politics with the truth.

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