Thursday, March 25, 2004

Misconceptions About My Place in the Universe

March 25, 2004

I usually prefer to use my e-mail account to reply to my readers instead of my actual column, but the number of responses I've received to last week's column and the common misconception contained in so very many of them have led me to use this week's column to explain something to all of you: I am not a journalist.

Oh, sure, I'm bound by the rules of libel and "decency," but when you get down to it, I write an opinion column. I'm not here to present all sides, or be unbiased, or even inform my readers of what's going on; anyone can turn on the news or search the internet for the information I bring you when I write about the big wide world. I'm here to speak my mind, and anyone who thinks that constitutes "poor journalism" misunderstands the reason I write this column in the first place.

I said a lot of mean, rude things about Dustin Floyd (all of which are completely true), and I've been chastised by several of you (from both sides) for so attacking him. Many have pointed out that I may well be doing harm to Mindy McConnell's cause by publishing such a tirade, and I'd point out in response that I don't represent Mindy or her campaign; I represent me.

So, Constant Reader, in the future please keep this in mind: I don't write this column to tell you how things are, I write it to tell you how I think they ought to be. I'm not a journalist, I'm just loud, opinionated, and verbose enough to warrant my own screaming space.

Hey, congratulations to Mindy and Zach! By the time you read this, they should have won already! It's the same old story at


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