Thursday, November 18, 2004

The New Law

November 18, 2004

Bush has appointed a man named Alberto Gonzales to the position of Attorney General, head of the Justice Department. This is the man who wrote the legal defense for keeping prisoners in Guantanamo Bay without access to lawyers or, indeed, access to the outside world at all. His extension of American sovereignty to Iraq allowed us to weasel out of the Geneva Convention and ultimately justified the torture at Abu Ghraib. This man provided the legal framework that has allowed the U.S. to flout the laws he himself will be obligated to enforce. This, boys and girls, is scary.

It's even scarier when one considers that he may well have been chosen so that the Bush administration can groom him for a seat on the Supreme Court. Though the first seat will almost certainly go to a far-right puppet of the regime, Gonzales has proven himself adept at the misrepresentation and legal contortionism the Bush team loves so much. This, in combination with the appointment of Condoleeza Rice (another facilitator of this administration's lies) to replace Colin Powell as Secretary of State, is absolutely chilling.

These are very telling moves by the Bush regime; this is a statement that the changes we have seen in the last four years are not going to be changes of administrative policy but changes of governmental policy. The President is surrounding himself with advisors who will do what he tells them rather than advising him. He is creating a buffer against criticism and dissent, not a connection to fresh ideas and public opinion.

To Mr. Hargis: Kindly tell us which Republican source you use for your statistics and exactly how one goes about calculating that 49% of the media supported Kerry and 51% supported Bush. Though I can't say I consider voting for Bush a particularly intelligent act in light of the facts, I understand that many people are ill-informed or vote by matters other than the issues of government. One person I spoke with, for instance, voted for Bush because they are both from Texas.

Your demographics concerning middle-class church-attending families reflect your own biases, and, indeed, those of the average middle-class church-attending family. Your failure to see Kerry's class and brains before the election was just that: your failure. As so many have, you identified with Bush's Midwestern manner and his speeches about "faith" more than you thought about Kerry's points on foreign and fiscal policy. I fear that the next four years will teach even you to be more perceptive in choosing for whom you vote.

Write to over the break. And where the hell is "Calif-lib-eronia?"


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