Saturday, July 01, 2006

LULAC v. Perry

I ran across a good article on the Texas re-districting case. For those who missed it, former House majority leader and all-around asshole Tom DeLay gerrymandered the voting districts in Texas back in 2003, resulting in 6 House Democrats losing their seats to Republicans. A bunch of people sued, and the Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld all but one of the changes because the complaints were almost entirely based on racial divisions. Justice Kennedy, who wrote the court's opinion, was very wary of claims that simple racial division was enough to constitute unfair districting practices and focused instead on the socio-economic status of the voters. Although the redistricting was unquestionably a corrupt political move and I think DeLay should be imprisoned for what he did, this ruling looks like a step in the right direction for real equality. More once I've read the case.


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