Sunday, June 11, 2006

Washington National Monument

Somebody posted a comment about crazy people who think the Masons control the government. Now, I'm not saying he's wrong, but....

GPS coordinates are 38 48' 26.93" N, 77 03' 52.86" W if you want to check this for yourself. Great how Google Earth has resolution so good you can see the black helicopters parked at Area 51.


Anonymous kate said...

Heh. I have no idea how that happened, but any private jokes of L'Enfant's or Banneker's are hardly relevant to current matters.

6/11/2006 8:23 PM  
Anonymous kate said...

Washington...Monument...right. So....not part of hte original city design. Okay, It took reading the comment later to realize how thoughtless it was. Ignore that. And no pod people jokes.

6/12/2006 12:35 AM  

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