Tuesday, May 16, 2006

PS3 is $600?!

Okay, I promise not to let my video gaming habit take over the blog in the face of the upcoming Console Wars, but GOD DAMN, what was Sony thinking? I just saw this story at MSNBC about the the price of the PS3. You know, I can afford $599 for a high-end gaming machine, but I ain't gonna pay it. The console comes with high-speed internet capability, wireless connectivity, and a 60 GB hard drive. What the fuck, I already own a computer! I don't want you to tack $200 onto the price of your VIDEO GAME CONSOLE for this unnecessary crap. Give me the option of a peripheral if I want to play online instead of charging an extra $50 on the console and then another $25 a month for your online gaming service! What's wrong with using USB memory keys as data storage instead of a hard drive that costs another $75? What if I don't want to use the wireless card in my VIDEO GAMING CONSOLE to turn on my computer or control the fridge of the future or set my alarm clock?

This is just waaaay too ambitious. I won't pay a cent over $450, and it'll take so long for the console to drop to that price that it probably won't even be worth it for the Bluray player. ***SIGH*** I guess I'm stuck with my PS2 for a while yet, cause god knows I'm not coughing up more than $50 for an X-Box 360!


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