Saturday, May 13, 2006

Brief Explanation

My name is J. Aaron Brown, and I do not trust those who run my government. The willingness of the American people to believe lies which directly contradict widely available evidence simply because they spill from the mouth of a government official nauseates me. The propaganda war is succeeding, and it is time to fight back.

Everything antedating this post is an archive of the work I've done over the past two and a half years for two different student papers, The Current Sauce at Northwestern State University (1/04 - 5/05) and The Signal here at Georgia State University (9/05 - Present). Unfortunately, I sometimes find the word limits and the weekly format a bit restricting. Solution? Blog! I'll also continue to update this page with my weekly column when the paper starts again in the fall. The post dates on all columns should be the same as the date of publication.

So here are my thoughts on the future of the republic. Read, discuss, and complain as needed. Comments and e-mails welcome! Informed discourse is the soul of liberty.

All material here is copyright J. Aaron Brown, 2004-2006. Please seek permission to re-publish; it will almost certainly be given.


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