Sunday, January 14, 2007

Incredible Computer Overlay

Here an excellent video demonstrating "Augmented Reality," the practice of overlaying video of a person with interactive computer generated objects in real time. This one is particularly impressive. The person in the video is holding a computer generated television screen by a small handle, and the entire thing rotates according to his hand motions, including fine finger motions. At one point he even tosses it into the air. I think that once the technology becomes widely available, this is going to completely change the way we interact with computers. Imagine a public space like a park wired for augmented reality, where visitors wearing VR goggles with cameras in the front see the real space overlaid with the computer generated creations of the other visitors, perhaps selecting one of multiple channels, much like chat rooms, to avoid the problem of "overcrowding" the virtual space. Damn, I love the future.


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